Exterior Finishing

It is crucial to ensure high quality finishing of your living environment to maintain your comfort and well-being. ShadeCover Group supplies her customers and partners with innovative solutions for exterior finishing that stand out for the quality of their materials compliant with applicable standards and smart construction systems. These solutions ensure a long-lasting aesthetic appearance for a building’s facade and its durable energy efficiency, combined with the comfort provided by natural lighting, both in new builds and renovation projects.

Many homes have more than one exterior finish, different exterior doors or specialty windows — we invite you to create the exterior of your dream home using any of these varied options. We're rated the best when it comes to building finishing design and our services are rated 5 star in terms of loyalty, efficient service delivery, hard working, dedication, humble and time management. Give us a try and share your result here!



Here at ShadeCover Grass, we use only polyethylene or polypropylene fibre, or yarn, because they are superior quality, and we pride ourselves on setting the bar for quality standards in the landscape synthetic turf industry.  We do not use nylon because it has absorptive qualities and it does not drain clean. This fibre option is found in inferior synthetic grass products.


Tents team offers all of our clients the most comprehensive range of products on the market. We manufacture and deliver a variety of tents and marquees– from bespoke design to standard tents. Whether you are looking for exclusive wedding tents, or acquire simple peg and pole tents, we are the service provider for you.


This is the latest modern contemporary Ceiling, design from Polyurethane (PU) foam, architectural products are safe and environmentally friendly to use and are easy and convenient to install. They are humid resistance; not absorb moisture, will not rot, split or crack, impervious to insects. All of result in a long-lasting product lifespan.


The ShadeCover Group has everything you need in roofing materials and rain gutters for practically any construction or home improvement project. We carry all the major brands and a wide variety of metal roofing materials, rubbing roofing materials, corrugated roofing, shingles and rain gutter covers and guards.