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Danpalon Polycarbonate Light Architectural Glazing Sys.


DANPALON is a unique polycarbonate glazing system offering a complete day lighting solution – exceptional light quality and high thermal insulation with a rich non-industrial visual appeal.

Danpalon’s superiority in the market place is due to the panels patented standing seam connection system, allowing for free thermal expansion and 100% water-tightness.

Danpalon is manufactured from the highest quality polycarbonate and protected with a UV protection layer that is co-extruded into the sheet. The UV protection is an integral part of the sheet, meaning that there is no chance of delaminating over time. The thickness and quality of Danpalon’s UV protection is superior to that of other polycarbonate products with free thermal movement and superior UV protection, the expected life-span of the product increases significantly.

Danpalon has been a strong market leader throughout the world for over 25 years.




•    The ONLY Polycarbonate Glazing and Roofing product in NZ to have been BRANZ Certified for Commercial and Domestic Construction
•    Single Danpalon panels has thermal R-values 2 times better than double glazed glass of the same thickness
•    Double Glazed Danpalon panelled system has thermal R-values 3 times better than double glazed glass of the same thickness
•    Eco Sustainability / Free Thermal Expansion
• Extremely high diffused light with less heat
•    Excellent thermal capacity
•    Flat profile / Less joins / Quick construction application
•    99.9% UV resistant / Co-extruded UV protection up to 70 microns
•    Reduced substructure requirements
•    Excellent deflection values
•    Low maintenance
•    8 colours / Translucent and Transparent panels
•    100% Leak Proof connection system
•    100% Recyclable
•    The Danpalon Multi Level System can span 4m between the Girt / Slab withstanding wind loads above 1.8Kpa
•    FLEXIBLE, can be cut and cold bent on site






•    External cladding / Curtain Wall / Partition / Skylight / Screens / Roof / Ceiling / Sectional and Tilt-up Garage Doors
•    Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Sports Complex / Schools / Swimming pool complex / Gymnasium / Stadiums....etc

What are polycarbonate sheets?

Polycarbonate sheets are a transparent, synthetic product.  Because of its exceptional impact, weather and temperature resistance it provides solutions where other synthetics fail.  Polycarbonate has a different chemical composition, and therefore different properties, from other transparent plastics such as PVC.
What can polycarbonate sheets be used for?
Polycarbonate sheets can be used in a wide range of applications including airports, stadiums, and public spaces.  Polycarbonate sheets are also extremely suitable for private use, including in greenhouse roofing or glazing.

Do the plastic sheets discolour over time?

Because of its transparent UV protective layer polycarbonate sheets do not discolour and most polycarbonate sheets come with a 10-year guarantee... but they can last even longer than that!
Won't a polycarbonate roof make things very hot?
Polycarbonate roofing sheets come with an energy reflective coating, which helps solve this problem. Moreover, polycarbonate sheets have excellent insulating properties so that heating costs are considerably reduced during intermediate seasons.

Do the plastic sheets break easily?

No!  Polycarbonate sheets are not only extremely impact-resistant but thanks to their temperature and weather resistance they have a much longer service life.
What happens in the event of a fire?
Fire safety is one of polycarbonate's strong points. Polycarbonate sheeting is flame retardant and do not emit toxic substances, which is why they are so often incorporated in public buildings, where the most stringent safety regulations apply.

What is polycarbonate's environmental impact?

Polycarbonate sheets can have a service life of over a decade. Polycarbonate can be recycled or it can be disposed of via incineration or landfill, according to local regulations
What about the weather resistance of polycarbonate?
All polycarbonate sheets destined for building applications are UV-protected. This is achieved by a thin layer of UV-absorbing material that is inextricably bound to the sheet's surface. This layer absorbs and neutralises all harmful UV-rays present in sunlight. Such polycarbonate sheets typically have a 10-year warranty against weathering.
Products & Applications




Multiwall polycarbonate sheet or corrugated polycarbonate sheet provide the best solution for installing a carport on your property.
•        Lightweight and easy to install
•        Economical: fewer cross bars required thanks to lightweight
•        Resistant to extreme fluctuations in temperature
•        Weather resistant
•        Transparent, allowing light to pass through, but UV resistant
•        No discolouration






Polycarbonate sheets are a perfect option for large architectural installations - from shopping centres to office buildings to use in historical buildings.  The many advantages of polycarbonate sheets, combined with its light-weight and easy installation ensure that they are an economical and sustainable option for use in large building projects.  With a UV coating a building facade or roofing installation made with polycarbonate sheets is guaranteed to stand the test of time.




All year round millions of sports fans enjoy their favourite sporting events in stadiums covered in polycarbonate sheeting.  Almost the entire Champion's League is played under the protection of polycarbonate roofing - how's that for a reference!

The weather and UV resistance of polycarbonate sheets combined with its fire retardant properties ensure athletes and sports fans alike are able to play and watch sports in safety and comfort. Polycarbonate's low weight allows for a massive area of coverage and gives architects leeway to implement extraordinary designs, including curved structures.




Danpalon Polycarbonate

5 Reasons to consider Danpalon for your next major building project

Are you considering building your next major building project? If yes, then knowing what will make the quality of your construction good is something that you will have to keep in mind. You have obviously have planned who the architect will be, where you will source the materials required for construction and who will be using the building after it has come up. Of course your reputation also depends on the quality and infrastructure you provide in your building.

You want to own the construction company of choice which is known for its superior value. Apart from the quality construction material you have decided to use, it would be good to note that Danpalon is being used very extensively in modern day constructions and has become essential for any big project.

This is better known as Light Architecture and these are polycarbonate panels that are manufactured through an extrusion process. These provide light control, natural light and visual calm. These are translucent panels.
The 5 main reasons to consider using Danpalon carbonate for your prestigious projects are:

•    It regulates the quality of light and gives you brilliant lighting by conserving energy. These panels also present UV protection against harsh sunlight
•    It provides thermal insulation thereby regulating temperature in any building. This is especially good in areas that either receive too much sun or are air conditioned
•    They can be used in various different ways, by alternating translucent with transparent to provide natural lighting. This alternating panels provide a stunning display of light and colors during the night
•    These panels can be used in a wide variety of different ways such as facades, roofing, partitions and cladding. These can be internal or external
•    Danpalon carbonate is also available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, each suited to a different kind of construction
So now no matter what your construction need is Danpalon will become an invaluable part of all your large construction projects.


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