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Reduce heat without sacrificing light transmission.
Absorbs almost 100% of sunlight UV radiation.
Natural lighting,
electricity and energy saving 250 times stronger than glass and 20 times stronger than acrylic.
Very light, very strong and virtually unbreakable Withstand temperature changes from -20°C to 120°C


Transparent roofing for shopping centers, bus/train terminals & sports halls Billboard displays, signage Skylight Greenhouses Pool enclosures Partition Heat or sound insulation panels Canopies, gazebos, pergolas, carports


What is Polycarbonate material? Polycarbonate is a very special and unique polymer. The properties that differentiate this polymer from other thermoplastic resins are inherent toughness, transparency, clarity, broad temperature resistance, good electrical properties, and high index of refraction.
What is the impact strength of polycarbonate? Polycarbonate is almost unbreakable. For instance 3 mm solid polycarbonate sheet withstands 4 kg ball dropped from a height of 9.5 m, 3 times in a row, and it does not break or shatter. So, for this reason, polycarbonate is used for police riot shields, ice-hockey rinks, airplane windows, and all applications that require extreme impact resistance.

What is the advantage of using polycarbonate compared to glass? If we’re talking about solid sheets, having the matching clarity and transparency just like glass, yet with 250 times higher impact strength and more than half the weight of glass per square meter for the same sheet thickness, the use of polycarbonate will save your structure cost and provides ease of installation while performing the same purpose.
I’m confused which type of your polycarbonate sheets to choose for my roofing; multiwall, solid or corrugated? It will depend on your budget, and most importantly your roofing style and architectural taste preference.

Skylight, Danpalon and sunglaze have 15 year warranty. What make them like that? Continuous weather exposures will make plastics becoming crispy and yellowing. The UV layer on top of the surface of the polycarbonate will protect them from these issues.

The shopping mall project I am working on, requires multiwall polycarbonate sheet to cover the building. Which thickness should I use?

Depending on your budget, the thicker the sheet the better the insulation effect it gives, this means the building will save the air conditioning cost during hot days and heating cost during cold days.

How should I clean my polycarbonate roofing?

You can simply spray the sheet with water, or use warm soapy (mild liquid dish soap) water to clean the sheets. In case any dirt remains, gently wipe off with a soft cloth. Please do not use brusher or sharp instruments as they might scratch the sheet

I heard multiwall polycarbonate sometime gets condensation between the walls?

Instead of being flat, my polycarbonate roofing has a deflection around the middle of the sheet, why does this happen? This could happen when the distance between the spans is too wide.